Self-Care for Success includes a set of CD’s and/or mp3 downloads aimed at enhancing awareness, emotional well-being and stress resiliency. 

cdThe Amazing Power of Our Thoughts and Stories–Letting Ourselves Feel Better gives an opportunity to be aware of and possibly change the narratives, self-talk/thinking and beliefs that create the emotions and level of stress arousal we feel.

Sensory Focus guides us about shifting out of our “thinking brain” to sensory awareness that our brain and nervous system love, and create a sense of ease and centeredness.

Relaxing Your Body’s Muscles guides us to release tension and connect with smoother energy within us.

Introduction to Mindfulness shows a path to both present-centered experience and a less reactive way to respond to stressors that may usually rev us up.

Available via Instant Download for just $9.99 in Mp3 format.

To order a CD version at a cost of $14.99 (shipping included), please click the link below.