“I never thought I would like being in therapy, but I do—amazing”—a recent comment from a patient.

Traditional counseling/Self-Care for Success focuses on collaborating with the patient(s) to bring about change that will make their life work and feel better.  The person’s wants, goals and readiness are key in determining the direction and methods of counseling.

Generally, I use two tracks of counseling approaches, oftentimes intertwined.  One is a here-and-now, strategic, problem-solving, thinking reframing, behavior/self-care changing focus.  The other is a more healing focused, trauma and old-learning processing approach.

The types of counseling methods I use include cognitive, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and a potent blend of these called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

In work with couples, I use what is needed of the above methods, as well as approaches to aid in communication and shifting ineffective relational patterns.

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